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Who Are We?

Hi, my name is Vivi and I am the  owner of Blue + Sky.  Thank you for visiting!   As you can see Blue + Sky is just getting started!   Being a business has always been a something I dreamed of, and now I am made it a reality. 

I have fell in love with silk painting in 2004, right after my daughter was born.  I saw a short video online about it and had to try it right away!  As they say, the rest is history.   Silk painting is like no other medium ... it is both easy to create but hard to master.  I know I have much to learn still, however, I want to share with others the joy I feel when a drop of paint touches the silk canvas ... its pure magic! 

I paint when I can, juggling a full-time job, teaching on the side, all while being the best mom I can be to my amazing children.  Silk painting  provides me with a creative outlet, which is something I truly need.


I live in  on the east side of Rochester, NY.   I enjoy live music and great food. Rochester seems to have bloomed with many choices these days.   If you have never been, but you are in NY state, I highly recommend a visit!

Thank you for supporting me and bringing silk painting into your life!


With love,


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